Skyscale Vs Griffon: Which Mount Is Truly Superior In Guild Wars 2? - ExpertBeacon (2024)

As an avid Guild Wars 2 player with hundreds of hours exploring Tyria atop both the Skyscale and Griffon mounts, I am often asked: which flying mount reigns supreme? This hotly debated question within the GW2 community splits even the most seasoned players.

After extensively using both mounts and analyzing their capabilities across key areas, I believe the Skyscale inches out the Griffon as the slightly superior mount due to its unparalleled vertical mobility. However, the Griffon is still a thrill ride like no other that excels in level flight. Choosing between the two comes down to their strengths and weaknesses in given scenarios.

Ease of Acquisition

The exhilarating Griffon mount is significantly easier to unlock over the Skyscale, which has one of the most arduous acquisition processes for a mount in Guild Wars 2.

As documented on the official GW2 Wiki, obtaining the Griffon requires:

  • Completing the Path of Fire story
  • Collecting 250 gold and 16ystal ingots
  • Unlocking five Mastery points in the Raptor and Springer mounts

This can be achieved in as little as 3-5 hours if you meet the storyline and gold prerequisites.

Meanwhile, acquiring the Skyscale has a lengthy list of requirements including map currencies, achievements, events and mastery points tied to the Living World Season 4 maps.

The total minimum estimated time investment is at least 3 days and 8 hours of focused farming to collect all the items. The gold cost can range from 41 gold for basic treats up to 120 gold for premium treats according to player testing.

In summary, the Griffon takes about one-tenth the effort to obtain! But the Skyscale‘s exhilarating challenge pays off…

Vertical Mobility

The Skyscale‘s vertical mobility is unmatched, granting access to seemingly impossible mountains, structures, and hidden areas no other mount can dream of reaching.

With its wing flaps and hover capability, the Skyscale can scale vertical surfaces over 2000 units high according to player estimates – covering the height of massive structures like the Spiral Citadel in no time. One Skyscale owner enthusiastically remarked:

"I was able to reach mountain peak vistas that were previously only possible to access with Oakheart‘s essence and gliding skills! It opens up a new world above Tyria."

Whereas the Griffon must gather speed in a diving sprint before pulling up, making gaining altitude a challenge without enough horizontal space. As one Reddit user lamented:

"No matter how hard I try, my Griffon just slowly drops trying to scale something that tall. I have Skyscale envy when my squad floats effortlessly up that giant tower in Verdant Brink!"

Based on community feedback and my own adventures, the Skyscale‘s vertical reach is game-changing.

Horizontal Speed

When it comes to raw horizontal travel speed, however, the sleek Griffon still reigns supreme with a documented top speed of 2000 units per second according to the GW2 Wiki.

In comparison, the Skyscale clocks in at around 1300-1500 units per second based on player estimates.

So the Griffon edges out the Skyscale by about 30-50% in level or diving flight velocity. It feels like a jet fighter swooping through the canyons of Desert Highlands!

The table below summarizes the estimated top speed of both mounts:

MountTop Speed
Griffon2000 units/sec
Skyscale1500 units/sec

Neither mount can match the Griffon‘s breakneck pace when it kicks into high gear. But speed isn‘t everything…


The Skyscale‘s relatively slower pace is balanced out by superior maneuverability and ability to hover, which proves extremely beneficial navigating confined spaces.

As players noted on the GW2 forums:

"The Skyscale can turn on a dime and squeeze into nooks the Griffon would smack right into."

"I can cleanly fly through narrow gaps in Siren‘s Landing without missing a beat. Meanwhile my Griffon always ends up plastered against something!"

The Griffon has a wider turning radius and needs room extending its wingspan to soar. Tight caves or ruined overpasses pose a real challenge, especially landing gracefully. Nothing tops the Skyscale for delicate aerial maneuvers.

When the Skyscale‘s Vertical Reach Shines

With its unmatched vertical reach and mobility, the Skyscale excels in areas with large altitude changes, towering structures, or hard-to-access locations that leave other mounts behind.

For example, the Skyscale makes short work of giant citadels in Desert Highlands or the towering vines in Tangled Depths. I can spiral straight up to the nosebleed seats of the Amnoon arena without breaking a sweat!

Some situations where that superior vertical mobility pays off:

  • Scaling massive structures like towers, keeps or giant vines
  • Gliding up to grab a vista point peak others can‘t reach
  • Aerial strafing/combat from hard-to-reach perches
  • Accessing very high jumping puzzles or caches
  • Vertical mobility in confined spaces like caves or tunnels

The Skyscale‘s ability to hover and gently land also pays dividends entering contested fortresses through high wall breaches and tight landing zones other mounts would struggle with.

No other mount can compete with the vertical freedom of the Skyscale. It adds an entirely new dimension to exploration and combat!

When the Griffon‘s Raw Speed Shines

On the other hand, the Griffon‘s speed and graceful gliding make it ideal for long distance travel, dive bombing, or outmaneuvering enemies when you have mostly flat terrain.

Some prime scenarios where the Griffon‘s velocity excels:

  • Cross country racing/travel
  • Diving off high places to build momentum
  • Chasing down enemies in level flight
  • Swift getaways or escapes in open areas
  • Impressing friends with aerial acrobatics
  • Thrill seeking dives and climbs

Few sights compare to the Griffon expertly navigating Wayfarer Foothills, gaining momentum off a cliff dive before streaking like a missile across the snowy landscape.

The Skyscale can‘t match that raw, breathtaking speed while the Griffon struggles to reach the heights the Skyscale can leisurely coast up to.

Community Verdict: It‘s Close, But Skyscale Edges Ahead

In summarizing community opinions from numerous Reddit threads and official forum polls ranking the mounts, the overall consensus seems to be that the Skyscale pulls slightly ahead of the Griffon in terms of general utility.

As one veteran GW2 player with both mounts argued:

"Pound for pound, the Skyscale adds more overall value. Any high spot I can‘t reach with the Griffon, the Skyscale glides up without sweat. But the Griffon still rules for horizontal blazing speed and looks awesome!"

Another player weighed in emphasizing the Skyscale‘s advantages:

"I‘d rate the Skyscale as the most useful mount by far. The vertical freedom just can‘t be overstated, while the Griffon is more situational. But mastering both makes you nearly invincible!"

Based on analysis of mount capabilities and aggregating opinions from the GW2 community, the Skyscale mounts takes the tight victory as the most generally useful mount due to its unparalleled vertical mobility.

But seriously, unlock both as soon as possible!

My Take: Invest in Both Mounts You Won‘t Regret It!

As an avid GW2 player, take it from me – scrape together your coins and slog through the collections to obtain both the Griffon and Skyscale mounts.

No matter your playstyle, having both flying mounts at your disposal pays ridiculous dividends exploring Tyria and tackling challenges.

The Skyscale‘s climbing skill breaks the vertical limitation, letting you discover peaks and vistas across the game unseen without other mounts. While the Griffon provides a thrill ride Rush like no other careening off dive points.

Ultimately there is no wrong choice between the Griffon and Skyscale. Each mount has downsides making the other‘s strengths shine brighter. They form the perfect aerial tag team soaring through Tyria!

The additional mastery points, achievements and bragging rights don‘t hurt either. Now if you‘ll excuse me, I have some ley-line gliding to test!

Skyscale Vs Griffon: Which Mount Is Truly Superior In Guild Wars 2? - ExpertBeacon (2024)


Is Griffon better than Skyscale? ›

Griffon is faster over distance, but the skyscale has more versatility. The Griffon all told, can be obtained after a few hours and 250g. The skyscale on the other hand takes at minumum, 3 days up to 12 days, or more depending on how you go about gathering the item reqs.

Is Skyscale mount worth it? ›

The new skyscale requirements are a lot easier than the old requirements. The skyscale is a great value for the effort.

What is the altitude of the Skyscale gw2? ›

The flight range of the skyscale can be visualized as a narrow cylinder at the skyscale's location with a downward sloping canopy extending out in all directions from the top of the cylinder. The initial height of the cylinder is 1350 units, and the radius of the base of the canopy is about 7000 units.

Which is harder to get, Griffon or Skyscale? ›

Griffon is indeed much easier to obtain than Skyscale, but you still need to do some preparation that takes quite some effort. Here we have a short method and will share it with you. This method is legal and official, without cheats or bots, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your character.

What is the top speed of the Griffon in gw2? ›

A griffon has 5932 base health. It reaches a maximum speed of 2000 units per second making it the fastest mount in game.

What is the fastest ground mount in gw2? ›

Roller beetle can accelerate to tremendous speeds with its Roll Out ability, making it the fastest land mount.

How long does it take to complete Skyscale? ›

This collection requires a minimum of 3 days to complete and up to a maximum of 12 days as it requires 12 Charged Quartz Crystal. Upon entering Sun's Refuge you will see Raise your skyscale hatchling (80) in the Content Guide telling you what steps have yet to be taken for the day.

Do abandoned skyscale nests respawn? ›

Visiting nests until you find the egg, completes the "Find an abandoned skyscale egg" step. The nests respawn with the weekly reset on Sundays. Already visited nests can still give the egg.

What is the easy mount in gw2? ›

The raptor is the easiest mount to unlock if you own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and having one of your own will make covering ground in Tyria a breeze.

How many Skyscale Food do you need gw2? ›

Despite every objective hint mentioning "A happy skyscale can be fed up to 4 times daily.", each objective of this achievement requires you to feed your skyscale hatchling once, amounting to a total of 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food needed to complete this collection.

How many times can you feed your Skyscale? ›

You need to give a total of 12 Skyscale food that can be bought or crafted. In case you want to craft it, then prepare 2 slabs of red meat, 1 charge Quartz crystal, 5 globs of ectoplasm, and 25 pile of bloodstone dust. Be patient; your skyscale can only eat 4 times a day.

How many pieces of Skyscale Food? ›

12 required for the Skyscale Care collection, 12 required for the Skyscale Growing Comforts collection. This is what you feed the baby Skyscale. The Treats don't count towards the Care mission.

Do you need a Griffon for vision gw2? ›

As the name implies, you need a griffon on the course. However, if you're working on a Vision, then you need a Skyscale. Hope this helps.

How much gold does Griffon cost gw2? ›

Requirements. Must have finished PoF story, and will need 250 gold. Players short on money should check out our money making guide! Many of the events required for these collections are group events.

How much does the Griffon cost gw2? ›

The griffon is a hidden mount that costs a total of 250 gold to unlock and requires you to travel across the Crystal Desert to complete collections, so you can prepare by saving up and fully exploring Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire zones.

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