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Starting from humble origins, R+L Carriers grew from one truck to the group of companies of today with thousands of trucks, air freights, ocean shipping options, and more options with worldwide coverage. Besides, the R&L Carriers' customer service is the best because its priority is the satisfaction of the customers.

Using any transportation channel available, R+L Carriers has the largest coverage both within the United States and in other countries, while maintaining the best service quality and providing different solutions to any type of need that the clients may have.

On the side, R+L Carriers tracking service is the best to assure the customers of the service's safety.

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What do R&L Carriers stand for?

The company started as the humble dream of a teenager of having his own business, his name is Ralph L. Larry Roberts I. He started the business first with the acquisition of a truck in 1965 and constantly led the company to reach the highest standards and coverage that it has today. Now, R+L Carriers international delivery expanded the service worldwide.

The company covers all the states in the country, while also shipping to Canada, the Caribbean Islands, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, while it aims to keep expanding to satisfy the needs of its customers. Besides, R+L Carriers tracking service is of the highest efficiency following your items step by step from A to B and keeping you updated.

How do I track my package from R+L Carriers?

The company's priority is the satisfaction of the customers, not only about the different shipping options available but also the safety of each item while delivering it. R and L Carriers tracking service maintains the transparency of the process assuring its clients of the safety of their orders and that they are reaching their destinations on time.

The company employs the most direct design on its website to make the process of tracking every parcel easy to do anytime from any place. On the landing page of its website, there are various options to provide information and for the R and L Carriers tracking service, the section is visible in the slide menu located on the left margin named Shipment Tracing.

Upon clicking the menu, it will show a cell you need to type the R&L Carriers tracking number of your order. If you want to track various shipments, the menu provides an option to trace multiple shipments that will redirect you to a more specialized section of the website to use 25 tracking numbers to track your shipment.

How long does it take for R+L Carriers to deliver?

The delivery time of the company is the shortest in the industry thanks to the wide extension of the company's network of national and international coverage. The company will use the most efficient means of transportation suitable for your needs using its many decades of experience in the field while providing the R&L Carriers phone number for contact.

To make the process easier for the customers, the website includes a tool to calculate the transit times from the pick-up location to the destination. Of course, the time will vary depending on the distance between both points, especially for international shipping. Even so, the R+L Carriers tracking service will tell you the time needed to reach its destination.

Does R&L Carriers deliver on Saturday?

The delivery time is always the shortest and if you need to be on Saturday, it can happen, the priority of the service is always the satisfaction of its clients. Using the R&L Carriers phone number can allow the clients to specify their needs and the company will provide the available solutions that are the most suitable for your current circ*mstances.

R&L Carriers customer service is always available for the clients to submit their inquiries, the team will analyze your needs and provide an answer with the most suitable plan to give you the best services possible.

Are R+L Carriers' shipping prices expensive?

R+L Carriers rates can vary depending on the distance required to cross, like all similar services, the difference is that the network of the company allows it to minimize the cost to the lowest amount necessary. In this way, the company provides the highest quality service at a cheaper price to improve the comfort of the clients.

On the other side, the quality will remain the highest with the right R and L Carriers tracking service for each parcel. It is an option that will remain efficient to provide the latest update to the customers and ease their fears about the shipping process.

Do R+L Carriers deliver worldwide?

As it was mentioned before in this article, the company has grown a lot since its start so many years ago, and now, the network has crossed beyond the borders of the United States to reach other countries, allowing the clients to use its international shipping to solve their needs and using always an R&L Carriers tracking number to follow the items.

The minds of the clients can trick them when a package is beyond their sight and makes them anxious. R&L Carriers tracking numbers can ease their nerves by employing the company's tracking system through the website and seeing for themselves the status of their items confirming that the orders are safe even in the international shipping process.

How do I contact R+L Carriers customer service?

R&L Carriers customer service is eager to receive the clients’ inquiries and answer their doubts. The website displays in the left margin of the landing page the icons that represent the social media where the company has a profile, these are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the word blog to redirect you to it.
Also, if you click on the word Contact beside Blog, the website displays a form where you can describe your needs and contact information.

Finally, under the icons, there is the R&L Carriers phone number: 800 543 5589.

R+L CARRIERS Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Parcel & Shipment Delivery - Ship24 (2024)


How do I track my R&L shipment? ›

Look for the RL Carriers tracking number on the order confirmation page if you made an online purchase. Contact the seller or shipping company if the RL Carriers tracking number is unavailable. Enter the RL Carriers tracking number on the RL Carriers website to track the shipment.

What carrier is R and L? ›

R+L Carriers is a privately owned American freightshipping company based in Wilmington, Ohio, which grew over the course of 50 years from one truck to a fleet of 21,000 tractors and trailers.

What is ship 24? ›

Ship24 is a global package tracking platform that provides worldwide couriers tracking updates on international parcels & packages delivery and track orders and shipments from AliExpress, Joom, eBay, BangGood, Lazada, ASOS, Wish, and Gearbest with ship24 global package tracking solution.

What is the format of the R&L tracking number? ›

Among them, a Pro number is the most widely used because the LTL Freight service plays a significant role in R&L Carriers' businesses, and R&L LTL shipments are identified using PRO numbers. Typically, the R&L PRO tracking number is composed of 9 digits.

How do I check my shipment status? ›

Visit the carrier's website: Go to the official website of the shipping carrier. Most carriers have a designated tracking page where you can enter your tracking number.

Who owns RL carriers? ›

“Larry” Roberts I in 1965. It is located in Wilmington, Ohio, United States. The company started with only one truck to now a fleet of around 13,000 tractors and trailers. The company is fully owned by the family.

What tracking starts with RL? ›

R+L Carriers is a global transportation provider, providing LTL shipping, Truckload, international air delivery services for Canada and USA.

What do R and L stand for? ›

R&L Carriers (Ralph & Larry), Ralph Larry Roberts Sr. An American Freight company established in 1965 Headquartered in Wilmington Ohio.

How many locations does RL carriers have? ›

R+L Global Logistics has 15 strategically located offices around the United States.

What does usually ships in 24 hours mean? ›

In a nutshell, ships within 24 hours basically means that your product will be shipped out or dispatched from our warehouse within 24 hours after placing the order.

Is 17TRACK legit? ›

No, 17TRACK is a legit website. 17TRACK offers an all-in-one platform for people to track shipments of different carriers online. However, please be noted that, the fact that the sellers recommend our website for tracking does not mean that we are working with them.

How many engines does ship 24 have? ›

Ship 24 conducted a six-engine static fire.

Does R&L carrier pay overtime? ›

No overtime pay for drivers....

Does RL carrier require a signature? ›

R+L Carriers customers can have residential shipments left at their doorstep without providing a signature.

What is the format of a carrier tracking number? ›

The most common tracking number format is 20 digits or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 alphabets, following by 9 digits, and ending with "US". Some other less common formats may also exist, such as 10 digits.

How do I check my cargo shipment status? ›

In many cases, importers and exporters can track shipments by entering the BoL or AWB information on their carrier's website. Many freight forwarders offer transport management systems so you can track your shipment on their websites. Alternatively, you can use a third-party tracking provider.

How do I know where my shipment is? ›

To track your package, you'll need the USPS tracking number. There are several places you can find your number, depending on how you paid for or sent the mail: The shipping or sales receipt you received at the post office when you sent the item, or from an online retailer.

How do I track a package with just the tracking number? ›

You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Step 1: Visit the United States Postal Service website.
  2. Step 2: Enter your tracking number that is about 10 to 20 characters in length into the search.
  3. Step 3: Click on search and keep track of your delivery.
May 2, 2024

What is LR number tracking? ›

The LR no in transport refers to the Lorry Receipt number. It is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment when it's loaded onto a lorry, used for tracking and managing the transportation process.

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