R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (2024)

About R&L Carriers

R&L Carriers (formally R+L Carriers) is a family-owned and operated freight shipping company headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio. Established in 1965, R+L Carriers has quickly grown from one truck to a massive fleet with over 21,000 tractors and trailers with extended international coverage. With the tagline, 'We ship anything, anywhere, anytime,' R+L Carriers aims to ensure customer satisfaction for every delivery.

To this end, the carrier has established an expansive nationwide network of 155 terminals serving all 50 states as well as a footprint in Canada, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and various Caribbean Islands.

R+L Carriers' core services include LTL, truckload services, Business Critical for time-sensitive shipments, and logistics solutions. It also offers international shipping, global supply chain management, warehousing, customs brokerage, etc., through R+L Global Logistics.

R&L Carriers won the Logistics Management's Quest for Quality Award 2022 for its remarkable LTL services. The company was also named 2022 Excellent Supplier by PPG Industries, 2022 North American Carrier of the Year, and 2022 LTL Carrier of the Year by Leaf Home.

Major competitors of R&L Carriers include XPO Logistics, Saia LTL Freight, Estes, ABF Freight System, Xpress Global Systems, Forward Air, and Old Dominion Freight Line.

R&L Tracking

The R+L Carrier tracking service is critical in helping you craft a quality customer experience. Its ability to track shipment alleviates the recipient's anxiety while waiting and enhances transparency and trust.

With R&L Carriers tracking API, you can use tracking numbers like the PRO, Bill of Lading, Shipping Reference Number, and Manifest to locate your shipment in transit. In comparison, R&L's tracking system on the website can monitor up to 25 shipments each time only by using the Pro number.

R and L tracking tells you the current status of your shipment, estimated delivery date, pickup date, billing parties, weight, appointment date, and complete transit history.

R&L LTL Tracking

The LTL shipping service offered by R&L Carriers is ideal for businesses that ship packages under 20,000 lbs throughout the entire United States or cross the border to Canada and Mexico. R+L Carriers' LTL shipping service is a flexible and cost-effective option, with the exceptional on-time service performance and an unmatched exception-free delivery rate.

R&L LTL Freight service provides complete shipment visibility and control. In particular, the state-of-the-art, interactive online R&L Carriers tracking tool helps you keep track of your LTL shipment with the R&L Pro number at every step of the shipment process. You can also access R&L freight tracking through your MyRLC account. This allows you to use different reference numbers while getting a holistic view and more detailed information.

Notably, seamlessly integrated with the R+L tracking API, ParcelPanel is the best R&L Carriers tracking tool for e-commerce businesses on Shopify and WooCommerce.

R&L Truckload Tracking

R&L Carriers provides truckload shipping services throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada via its subsidiary, R&L Global Logistics.

The carrier's truckload shipping is a suite of solutions designed to meet every shipping need you may have at any scale.

Here are some of the services you can expect when you employ R&L's truckload shipping:

  • Dry Van truckload shipping for long and short hauls domestically and across borders, particularly throughout the North American continent.
  • Flatbed shipping for oversized merchandise and palletized cargo. R+L Global Logistics has the specialized equipment to meet flatbed shipping needs.
  • Refrigerated shipping for shipments that must be temperature controlled.
  • High-value or high-risk shipping
  • Intermodal shipping with premium door-to-door delivery service.
  • Expedited shipping for time-sensitive shipments

You can track your R&L truckload shipments through your account with R+L Global Logistics for status updates on your shipment. Alternatively, you can use professional shipment tracking websites like ParcelPanel for RL Carriers tracking.

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (1)

R&L Freight Tracking

R&L's freight services for cross-border shipping include sea and air freight. R+L Carriers' extensive partnership network of ocean shipping companies, commercial airlines and charter services, and ground transportation providers ensure on-time shipments worldwide. The carriers employ cutting-edge online tools to maintain cargo visibility from dispatch to delivery.

R+L Global Logistics assists you with both LCL (less than container load) shipments and FCL (full container load) shipments, and it offers standard and over-dimensional cargo services. R+L Global has an integrated fulfillment network with extensive coverage of customs clearance, distribution, and door-to-door services, catering to various sea cargo shipping needs. Moreover, buyers consolidation and purchase order management are available in certain overseas markets.

In comparison, R&L air freight services are intended for time-sensitive shipments, with a capacity to ship globally. R+L Global Logistics offers such options as Guaranteed Next-Flight-Out, Standard/General, Priority, and Air Charter services, along with same-day pickup and processing.

R&L tracking for sea and air freight can be done through R+L Global tracking tools.

R&L Global Tracking

As a member of the R&L family, R+L Global Logistics brings the same dedication to customer satisfaction as the parent company. One way it does that is by maintaining end-to-end shipment visibility through the R&L Global Tracking services.

The R&L Global Track & Trace tool supports shipment tracking by using the Order/Tracking number, Bill of Lading Number, Consignee Reference Number, and Reference Number, while "Track International" is complementary, supporting the House Bill, Master Bill, Order ID, and Container Number.

However, to monitor your shipment's latest events while keeping an eye on the customs statuses, invoices and documents, cargo details, and much more, you need a MyRLG account with R+L Global Logistics.

How to Track R&L Packages?

You can track your R&L package using any one of the following ways:

By using R&L Carriers

You can access R&L's tracking services at rlcarriers.com by logging into your MyRLC account. Enter your username and password as prompted in the dialog boxes in the top right-hand corner and click the "LOGIN" button.

If you do not have an account, Click the "Sign Up" button and follow R&L's prompts. Remember, a MyRLC account gives you access to more features other than R&L Carriers tracking.

Alternatively, click the Shipment Tracing button in the same column.

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (2)

Click "Trace multiple shipments" to use the advanced R&L tracking tool. On this page, the tracking number type is limited to the R+L PRO number. Therefore, enter the PRO number in the following box and click "Submit" to begin the R&L Pro tracking process.

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (3)

The dialog box can accommodate up to 25 PRO numbers. If you are tracking more than one shipment, enter each PRO number on its own line without commas. You can get R&L shipment tracking results like this:

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (4)

You can also track your sea and air freight shipments through the R+L Global tracking page directly or through your MyRLG account. Notably, you need the R&L BOL (Bill of Lading), Order ID, or Container Number to achieve this purpose.

By Using ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel is a premier package tracking site that offers tracking solutions for e-commerce businesses. When you track with ParcelPanel, you benefit from their vast network of over 1,100 carriers worldwide and top-notch 24/7 customer service.

You also benefit from the following features:

  • All-in-one tracking
  • Branded tracking page
  • Shipping notifications
  • Smart analytics
  • Seamless integrations with R&L tracking API, which enables you to centralize your R&L tracking with ParcelPanel for a hassle-free tracking experience

ParcelPanel website

You can track your package through the dedicated "R+L Carriers Tracking" page.

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (5)

Enter the R&L tracking number in the top dialog box and click "Track." The box can accommodate up to 30 tracking numbers each time. If you are tracking more than one shipment, enter a number per line without commas.

A new page will show up with the complete R+L tracking information, including the latest shipment status, milestones, and transit time.

R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (6)

ParcelPanel Shopify App

ParcelPanel has a Shopify app for those who sell on the platform. As soon as you finish installing the ParcelPanel Order Tracking app, a branded tracking page is created automatically for your business. Plus, a variety of customization options are available so that you can make it the pink of perfection.

It is on this page that your customers can track their packages without your help. Your customers will need the order number or the R&L tracking number they've received to track their package. This increases the shipment visibility during the entire shipment journey. Moreover, your customers can see recommendations similar to the goods they have already purchased. This leads to more sales.

Meanwhile, customers can receive shipment updates in real time via the automated email that ParcelPanel sends on your behalf. This helps to provide the best-in-retail post-purchase experience.

R&L Tracking Number

R&L Tracking Number Format

An R&L tracking number is a unique code that identifies a shipment and can be used to track the shipment through transit. R&L supports a variety of tracking numbers, including the Pro number, BOL number, order number, Manifest, etc. Among them, a Pro number is the most widely used because the LTL Freight service plays a significant role in R&L Carriers' businesses, and R&L LTL shipments are identified using PRO numbers. Typically, the R&L PRO tracking number is composed of 9 digits.

R&L PRO Tracking Number Example

Here are some examples of the R&L Pro numbers:

  • 706423012
  • 856321782

R&L Tracking FAQ

What are R&L transit times?

As a rule of thumb, R&L transit times follow this formula – shipments whose haul distance is within 500 miles are delivered the next day, within 1000 miles are delivered in two days, and within 1500 miles are delivered in three days.

The distance is measured from the point at which the package is presented for shipment to the point at which it will be delivered or picked up. As R&L has an expansive footprint domestically, on the North American continent, and globally, you can always look forward to short delivery times.

R&L has a detailed coverage area map on their website to help you find these distances to schedule dispatch and delivery more effectively.

You can calculate how long your shipment will take using R&L's online transit time calculator. Fill in the required fields, especially the package's origin, destination, and zip codes, and submit.

However, R&L's transit times also depend on the service you choose. For instance, the carrier guarantees business critical shipments to arrive quicker than other services.

How can I schedule a pickup of the R&L shipment?

Though R&L offers pickup services, the available pickup time varies by location, depending on the line haul schedule. You can find your location's pickup schedule by consulting the local service center or sales representative.

Alternatively, you can fill out a pickup request form to get informed of the accurate pickup times in your region. Fill in all the required details unless the field is indicated as optional.

R&L Tracking Customer Service

R&L Carriers' declared mission is to provide logistics services that exceed customers' expectations. Therefore, customer support is a critical component of their business.

You can contact R&L's customer service in several ways when you encounter issues while tracking your shipment:

Call customer care at 800-535-1984 for customer support for R+L tracking. For tracking issues specific to shipments handled by R+L Global Logistics, call 877-510-9133; as for LTL services, call 800-543-5589.

Also, you can fill out the R&L contact form detailing your comments, grievances, or inquiries and leave your contact details so that customer support can get back to you. R&L Carriers does not indicate an email address on their site and only offers the contact page.

You can also log your issue on R+L Carriers' Twitter or R&L's Facebook pages. R&L Carriers tackles many problems in their YouTube channel. If your specific issue has not been tackled, you could leave a comment, and you may expect a reply from the R+L customer service representative.

Please note that R&L Carriers customer service is not available on these days according to the R&L holiday schedule 2023:

  • New Year's Day (2023 & 2024)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday
  • Christmas Day
R&L Carriers Tracking | Track R+L Carriers Freight - Parcel Panel (2024)


How do I track my R&L carriers package? ›

Here are the three ways to track your R+L Carriers package.
  1. Through the Official R+L Carriers Website. Open your web browser and visit the R+L Carriers' official website. ...
  2. Through the R+L Carriers' Official Mobile APP. ...
  3. Through TrackingMore.

What is the format of the R&L tracking number? ›

Among them, a Pro number is the most widely used because the LTL Freight service plays a significant role in R&L Carriers' businesses, and R&L LTL shipments are identified using PRO numbers. Typically, the R&L PRO tracking number is composed of 9 digits.

How long does R&L take to deliver? ›

RL Carriers delivery times: What time will your package arrive. RL Carriers delivers packages the next day within 500 miles. If the delivery is between 1000-1500 miles, the package arrives in two days. If the package travels more than 1500 miles, RL Carriers delivers it in three days or less.

What tracking starts with RL? ›

R+L Carriers is a global transportation provider, providing LTL shipping, Truckload, international air delivery services for Canada and USA.

Is there a way to track a package? ›

Whether you are the sender or recipient, you can track your item: Online: Use USPS Tracking® on the United States Postal Service® website. By text: Send a text to 28777 (2USPS) with your tracking number as the content of the message. Standard message and data rates may apply.

How do I track a freight shipment? ›

In many cases, importers and exporters can track shipments by entering the BoL or AWB information on their carrier's website. Many freight forwarders offer transport management systems so you can track your shipment on their websites. Alternatively, you can use a third-party tracking provider.

What is a 9 digit freight tracking number? ›

A PRO number is the nine digit number assigned to each shipment, and is used to identify a freight bill and for tracking. (ex: 123-456789).

How do I check tracking numbers? ›

A package's tracking number will usually be included in your shipping confirmation—all you have to do is click the link to see where it is. You can also plug the number directly into the website of the shipping service that's handling the package.

What do tracking numbers usually start with? ›

Here are some examples: UPS tracking numbers typically begin with “1Z” FedEx tracking numbers typically begin with “9” DHL Express supports multiple tracking number formats depending on the country of origin, but they often begin with “JD” for international packages or “GM” for domestic packages.

How long does it take to get your package delivered? ›

Domestic USPS Delivery Times Per Service
Mail ClassEstimated Delivery TimeEstimated Cost
First class Package Service1 – 3 business days$3.80
Parcel Select2 – 8 business daysN/A
USPS Retail Ground2 – 8 business days$7.50
First-Class Mail – Letters1 – 3 business days$0.55
5 more rows

What does RL carrier stand for? ›

In 1965, Ralph L. "Larry" Roberts I and Ronald L. Roberts purchased a single truck they used to haul furniture. This is when it was called R+L trucking, but Ronald L. Roberts left due to a worry that he wouldn't be able to see his family.

Does RL carrier require a signature? ›

R+L Carriers customers can have residential shipments left at their doorstep without providing a signature.

What do the first 2 letters on a tracking code mean? ›

The first 2 Letters signify the service used. The first 8 numbers are randomly generated in a specific formula. The 9th number is a check digit to make sure the correct coding was used on the first eight numbers. The last 2 letters signify the country of origin.

How many digits is a R&L tracking number? ›

The R&L Carriers tracking number format is usually 9 digits. Founded in 1965, R+L Carriers Inc. has now grown from one person to nearly 13,000 tractors and trailers.

What are tracking codes for? ›

A tracking code is a small snippet of code that is usually implemented as JavaScript in the HTML source code of a website. These lines of code allow advertisers, webmasters, and marketers to analyze the flow of visitors to websites and the activities of users.

Can I GPS track my package? ›

Track your packages easily with GPS tracking using your tracking number. Get real-time updates on your shipments and ensure timely delivery. Enter up to 40 numbers, one per line.

How can I track a package without a tracking number? ›

The best way to track a package without tracking number is by setting up a USPS Informed Delivery Account. It allows you to digitally preview your mail, manage package deliveries, and track your packages. Best of all, it doesn't cost anything.

What is carrier tracking number? ›

A tracking number is a unique identification code assigned to a package or shipment that allows the sender, recipient, and carrier to track its progress through delivery. Tracking numbers can be composed of letters and numbers, and their format varies depending on the delivery service or postal service being used.

Can I track a package if I don't know the carrier? ›

Provided that the tracking number is valid and the package has shipped, the tracking results will show you its whereabouts, even if you don't know which carrier was used to ship it!

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