National Weather Mosaic Loop (2024)

1. NWS Radar - National Weather Service

  • Standard · Radar · Glossary


2. Doppler Radar National Mosaic - National Weather Service

  • Doppler Radar National Mosaic. High Resolution Version | National Radar Sites | Static Image | Loop Alaska | Guam | Hawaii | Puerto Rico.

  • Latest weather radar images from the National Weather Service

3. NWS - National Mosaic Enhanced Radar Image: Full Resolution Loop

4. United States Full Resolution Doppler Radar Loop - El Dorado Weather

  • This is a full resolution nexrad doppler radar loop covering the entire national lower 48 states.

  • This is a full resolution nexrad doppler radar loop covering the entire national lower 48 states

5. Interactive Radar Map Data and Features

  • The Interactive Radar Map Tool shows map layers at the maximum distance (230 km), as well as maps derived from geospatial models that provide views of areas ...

  • The Interactive Radar Map shows supplemental data in support of NCEI's Weather Radar Archive. The tool includes several unique features that allow users to select data from 1995–present for individual or multiple stations at varying altitudes.

Interactive Radar Map Data and Features

6. NWS Radar Imagery - National Hurricane Center - NOAA

  • If the link above does not work, you can also access Radar data here: National Radar Mosaic. Quick Links and Additional Resources. Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

  • Analyses & Forecasts

7. National Weather Service Mosaic -

  • 28 jan 2016 · The weather radar loops so you can see where rain and snow is occurring and where it is going. There is also a link to view a super-sized moving ...

  • The National Weather Service’s National Mosaic displays an uninterrupted look at the Doppler weather radar feeds for the contiguous United States.  The weather radar loops so you can see wher…

National Weather Service Mosaic -

8. Current Radar (Intellicast) | Radar Maps - Weather Underground

  • Germantown, WI Weather... · IL - Springfield · OH - Dayton · NY - Binghamton

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National Weather Mosaic Loop (2024)


Which weather radar is the most accurate? ›

The WSR-88D is one of the most powerful and advanced Weather Surveillance Doppler Radar in the world. Since first being built and tested in 1988, it has been installed and used operationally at over 160 locations across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What weather app does Ryan Hall recommend? ›

original sound - Ryan Hall, Y'all. Through some of the worst weather events, Radar Omega is by far the most feature rich. and customizable radar app out there. And they just made it even better. with the new 5.0 update.

What do the colors mean on NoAA radar? ›

Blue and green colors represent light-to-moderate rainfall. Yellow and orange colors show moderate-to-heavy precipitation, while red is very heavy rainfall and pink colors inside the red color represent hail of different sizes.

What is the equation for radar reflectivity? ›

Radar reflectivity is defined as Z = ∑D6 V , (18) where V is the volume sampled by the radar pulse. – Reflectivity has MKS units of m3, but is usually reported in units of mm6 m−3. – Reflectivity is essentially backscattering cross section per volume.

What weather app is 100% accurate? ›

Among the most precise ones are AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, and Weather Underground. CARROT Weather's customizable weather widgets look great and work seamlessly on device home screens and smart watches.

What radar do meteorologists use? ›

NEXRAD (Next Generation Radar) obtains weather information (precipitation and wind) based upon returned energy. The radar emits a burst of energy (green in the animated image).

Which is the No 1 weather app in the world? ›

Top Weather Apps Ranking on 9 May
Usage RankApp and Publisher
11The Weather Channel - RadarThe Weather Channel
22Weather Radar by WeatherBugWeatherBug
33AccuWeather: Weather RadarAccuWeather
441Weather Forecasts & RadarOneLouder Apps
46 more rows
3 days ago

What is the #1 weather app? ›

Trusted by 100 Million+ users across the world, the 1Weather app will keep you weather-ready, every day. Stay prepared with minute-by-minute forecast and precipitation up to 48 hours in advance.

What is considered the best weather app? ›

12 of the best weather apps
  • AccuWeather: Weather Alerts. Accuweather is another popular free, ad-supported weather app. ...
  • Weather Underground: Local Map. ...
  • Weather - The Weather Channel. ...
  • CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar. ...
  • Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live. ...
  • WeatherBug - Weather Forecast. ...
  • Yahoo Weather. ...
  • 1Weather: Forecast and Radar.
Dec 15, 2022

What color is a tornado on a radar? ›

What color is a tornado on the radar? Most sources that publish radar images or videos of tornado events use the two main colors, red and green. Red indicates the winds moving away from the radar whereas green displays the winds moving toward the radar.

Does green on radar always mean rain? ›

Most of the time, light green means sprinkles, mist, drizzle or a very light rain. Typically only a trace is measured at an official data site. However, light green can sometimes mean no rain at all because it's raining above our heads but the rain isn't reaching the ground. This is referred to as virga.

How to tell if a tornado is forming on radar? ›

A “hook echo” describes a pattern in radar reflectivity images that looks like a hook extending from the radar echo, usually in the right-rear part of the storm (relative to the motion of the storm). A hook is often associated with a mesocyclone and indicates favorable conditions for tornado formation.

What is z in radar? ›

Nondimensional "unit" of radar reflectivity which represents a logarithmic power ratio (in decibels, or dB) with respect to radar reflectivity factor, Z. The value of Z is a function of the amount of radar beam energy that is backscattered by a target and detected as a signal (or echo).

What is the K factor in radar? ›

K is the final "known" factor in the equation. It is described as the physical constant, and is used to represent the "type" of target from which the radar is receiving backscattered energy.

What does WSR 88D stand for? ›

The radar used by the NWS is called the WSR-88D, which stands for Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler (1988 is when the radar was first built). The WSR-88D is a Doppler Radar, which indicates the radar detects motion toward or away from the radar as well as the location and intensity of precipitation.

Which weather data is most accurate? ›

The Weather Company is the world's most accurate weather forecaster overall of the providers studied. The Weather Company was over 3 times more likely to be the most accurate forecaster than any other provider studied.

Is weather Channel or AccuWeather more accurate? ›

After analyzing the data, it was concluded that AccuWeather produced the most accurate weather forecasts. This partially disproved the hypothesis. The Weather Channel was not as accurate as AccuWeather, but it was more accurate than Dark Sky.

How accurate is AccuWeather radar? ›

This comprehensive test analyzed over 25 million weather forecasts in more than 1,000 locations globally, and AccuWeather was the clear winner in high- and low-temperature forecasts, proving to have the lowest average absolute error and the greatest percentage of forecast accuracy within 3 degrees F.

Do all weather apps use the same radar? ›

Each weather app has access to varying sources of model data. Some are exclusive to their respected company, and some are borrowed from other sources and then molded to make them their own.

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