Lost Boys/Adaptations in literature (2024)


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    • 3.10 Saving Neverland

Book Adaptions[]

Main article: Lost Boys/Alternative versions in literature

In Serials[]


Main article: Lost Boys (Starcatcher)

In the Children series Peter and the Starcatchers an earlier group of Lost Boys is featured prior to the arrival of the traditional ones showing up in Neverland. They are: James, Thomas, Prentiss and Tubby Ted.

Legends Of The Pan[]

Main article: Legends of the Pan

A different set of Lost Boys appear in the first installment of the trilogy Essence of Neverland as per the same idea that there are always new boys coming to the Neverland with many of them begin aging into teenagers after Peter Pan dies. Among them are: Robert, Nathan, Danny, Wally and heavy set Johnathan. In the next installment they are all now adults with their own children who look set to be the next generation of Lost Boys.

In Stand Alones[]

The Only Children[]

In Gilbert Adair's unauthorized 1987 sequel Peter Pan and the Only Children, there is a different group of Lost Boys, who refer to themselves as the Brotherhood. They are "only children" (i.e. they have no brothers or sisters) who fell from passing ships and now live with Peter underwater. In the end they are reunited with their families to discover they all have each since been given younger siblings. There are twelve in total including:

  • Ralph – Peter's second-in-command in fact a natural born second in command as he is second only to Peter himself, always respectful and hardly questioned any orders
  • Tom-Tom – Who not only respected but slavishly imitates Peter down to his every move to the extent that he would follow Peter so closely he could be easily mistaken for his shadow leading to frequent collisions due to his clingingness. Stemming from being extremely young when taken as such hadn't stopped copying grown ups around him
  • Second Helping – Named for his appetite and size with more than one reason as to why he got his name, sometimes reminds onlookers of a living beach ball
  • Bubbles - Rivals Peter as a musician with his harmonica due to his complexion he'd be punished when he was younger if he got dirty messing with cooking powder
  • Bee – Short for "Be quiet!", a rare Lost Girl brought into the fold as the other children wanted a sister, settling on a younger sister as an older one would be deemed bossy


In the 1989 novel Neverland, that is first of the cancelled Neverland Series there are Lost Boys who for various reasons ended up lost and wound up in Neverland, however they only referenced in the follow up installment (so are included in this category). At the end they stay with the Hacker family while awaiting for when Peter Pan needs their help again. In The Book of Lies it's revealed they were enrolled in Mr. George Hacker's old boarding school whilst staying with the Hackers during holiday time. They include:

  • Hardly– Separated from his sister after running away from their abusive father when their mother left them
  • Colin– Streetwise chain smoker who ran away from his top floor tower block flat after his home was demolished but got lost returning to where his old home once was
  • Looter– Expelled from school for truancy and stealing ended up living in an amusem*nt center playing arcade machines he funded by thefts before he forgot where he lived
  • Bins– Constantly bullied for being asthmatic, over weight and bespectacled so ran away from boarding school to become lost finding his way back home
  • Twins Sam and Eric– Abandoned in Neverland by their father who created them as inspirations for characters in a book then discarded them when they outlived their usefulness


A different set of boys appear in Peter Pan's NeverWorld, as per the idea that there are always new boys coming to the Neverland. The boys who travel to NeverWorld are:

  • Duvitch – Always second in everything. Believes himself to be second in command, second to the diner table, even second best to Pan. Wears overalls naturally since they've two straps and sports two feathers in his cap, carries a pair of short swords in this way resemble Pan's old dagger.
  • Pogocat – A hyperactive, bouncy boy who is all too eager for everything In fact most energetic and riled Lost Boy to serve beside Peter since the beginning. If anyone could claim to be a victim of too much vim and vigor it would be him. He wears a tiger outfit complete with little hat with ears while black belt matches those stripes across his back and brown booties. Preferred weapon is a slingshot with his aim being better if he wasn't so eager to shoot all the time.
  • Bricks – A strong, stubborn, large bear of a boy fellow who isn’t the brightest, resembling his name physically as well often mentally. Wears a bearskin and real bear claw slippers prefers to use bow and arrow for which he has pretty good aim.
  • Halfway – Always “halfway” in everything (i.e. can only carry half as much as the others, makes it halfway to a site and tires out, etc.). Named derived from another curiosity in his hair is split between blonde and brunette (plus only halfway developed in other talents). Only speaks in clichés (but only utters half of the sayings.) wears a cut off shirt, shorts and sandals (course they are shoes only halfway there) while traditional crafted sword is proven somewhat irregular since half has splintered off.

Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between[]

In the prequel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between, there are three boys who accompany Peter to Neverland from Kensington Gardens, although there were many before only two remain due to those others being claimed before their seven days time plus one Jake that had been taken to be studied. Those who are the first lost boys to accompany Peter to Neverland are:

  • Parx – Has red hair, complemented by his soiled crimson jacket and his naturally wide eyes who preferred the open spaces like parks, hence Peter giving him his name. It was made clear never to surround Parx who did not take to having his space encroached upon and would spin in wild fury with blade at length whenever anyone tried to do so suffered a deep cut the length of his thigh.
  • Rubadub – Has dark, nearly black hair with shoulders that were as plump as a proper sausage, his red coat has not a single mark on it and was so named for his habit of cleanliness stating he just wants to always be clean. In a fight he would kick shins when anyone approached it proved ever so effective but not as much as aiming for anyone’s faces suffered a wound that was a scraped a deep red line in his arm.
  • Jake Mortimer Higgins – A blonde boy who Peter met when they were infants taken away on the verge of death to be studied as a special case as one of the Betwixt-and-Between that Peter was, became his closet friend and confidant only to be slain by the pirate Torq.

Always Neverland[]

In Always Neverland many of the Lost Boys have been moved on because they started signs of growing up those left are:

  • Prank – Almost as tall as Ashley is, and his dark hair is a little long. His pants look like bell-bottoms he has obviously been in Neverland for a while.
  • Button – Shyest of the Lost Boys, he has hundreds of buttons sewn to his shirt, straining against the ragged fabric. He's a little chubbier than the rest.
  • Dibs – His hair is just as curly as Peter’s, but a whiter shade of blond
  • Kyle – Littlest Lost Boy whose front teeth were missing and whom hasn’t gotten a Neverland name yet one wonders how long his front teeth would be missing, if he didn’t get any older

Lost: a Never Novella[]

In this interquel or prequel novella to the 1991 film Hook The character of Rufio comes across an earlier group of Lost Boys with Peter Pan. It's unclear if they came in between the leaving of the traditional ones and the arrival of those from the movie They are: CrocBait, NoFurs, EyeStubbed and ForWhat

All Darling Children[]

In this Young Adult or Adult adaption as well as the traditional originals there are also others mentioned such as: Patches, Jinx and Rudy.

Forever Neverland[]

This group of Lost Boys in the novel Forever Neverland took a vote to start including girls as well. The group changes over time, sometimes even having only girls at one point. At the current time they include:

  • Friendly – Gentle and kind, as his name suggests; the oldest in the group described with dark skin and curly brown hair
  • George – Serious and quiet; recently abducted by pirate ghosts
  • Swim – Small and scraggly boy, with long blond hair; the youngest of the Lost Boys
  • Shoe – One of the only ones with memories of her mother; loves adventure and is good at fixing things described as skin is a rich red-brown, and she has black eyes with long eyelashes. Her hair is all the way down her back, curly and tangled and got her name from the only object belonging to her mother she had on her
  • Jumper – Always up for mischief (jumping into trouble); wears her hair in two curly tails
  • Rella – Little but fierce girl; questions everything described as small, with pale skin, freckles, and straight coppery hair

The Never: A Tale of Peter and the Fae[]

In this divergent origin to Peter Pan there are several Lost Boys and even girls who come to Neverland, some accompanying Peter with others coming later on while he's still there and after he leaves Neverland. First ones include: Bears, Greens, First Twins and Anne Noodles. While later on comes: Littlebug, Quietly, Scot, Sticks and Stinky. Other noted ones include Pockets and Rufio, who might be the same characters from the movie.

Saving Neverland[]

In this story Saving Neverland; this group of Lost Boys are said to include girls as well as boys, like those before they were claimed by Neverland after being misplaced by their families. At the end after returning Martha and Scruff back to their father each starts remembering the last known address they were prior to being taken away and decide to stay with the Pennydrops until they can be reunited with their own families or until Peter Pan needs them again. All three are named after vegetables they would've eaten back in our world include:

  • Turnip – Eldest due to being in his early teens, dark skinned and bespectacled with dreadlocks held in place with a pencil usually has notebook with him. Known for his cunning making him fantastic at pranks and an expert tracker capable of reading snow and trees for signs of predators, his skill in climbing is only matched by Martha. Last memory was his mother named Amma lived in a flat in East London filled with books.
  • Wombok– Named after a far eastern cabbage, around Martha's age who's face is round and red cheeked with an apron due to excelling at cooking and the only one who can rein in Pickle's temper tantrums. Last memory was his parents and spaniel dog Munchie lived in a caravan overlooking right out to sea in Cornwall.
  • Pickle– Youngest being a red-haired toddler with a makeshift nappy, often has a murderous glare of a viking and known for fierce noises. But despite her regular tantrums is a natural at scavenging able at finding and digging up frozen fruit buried beneath snow. Last memory was of a castle called Crinkle-worth.
Lost Boys/Adaptations in literature (2024)


What do the Lost Boys symbolize in Peter Pan? ›

The lost boys in "Peter Pan" symbolize orphaned children. They are depicted as carefree and mischievous due to their lack of adult supervision.

Was Captain Hook a lost boy? ›

Unlike Barrie's original play and later Peter Pan adaptations, in which the same actor play Hook and Mr. Darling, the latter's role is performed by a different actor, Alan Tudyk. In this version, Hook is revealed to be an old friend of Peter's and the first Lost Boy, but he left Neverland because he missed his mother.

Why can Peter Pan fly but not the Lost Boys? ›

Quick answer: Peter Pan is not the only Lost Boy who can fly, but he is the only one to retain these powers, in part because he is an eternal child and in part because of his belief that he can fly.

What is the Lost Boys lore in Peter Pan? ›

They are boys "who fall out of their prams when the nurse is looking the other way and if they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent far away to the Neverland," where Peter Pan is their captain. The Lost Boys and Peter Pan after building a house for Wendy. Illustration by Alice B. Woodward.

What is the meaning behind the Lost Boys? ›

The Lost Boys deals with the theme of family, and how it bears on adolescence, in other, harder-to-miss ways: vampires, and lots of blood. The embattled Michael is caught in a tug-of-war between his biological (or “blood”) family and the sort of “chosen” family that has formed around the lead vampire David and his ilk.

What is the Lost Boys theory? ›

According to the theory, these Lost Boys chose to grow up but didn't want to leave their home and instead resisted the tyranny of Peter Pan. Though this Peter Pan theory may seem ludicrous, its basis stems from the book on which Disney based their film, to begin with.

What does Wendy represent in Peter Pan? ›

Barrie does not give any description of Wendy, but she is generally depicted as a pretty girl with blond or brown hair. While Tiger Lily and Tinker Bell are usually portrayed as exotic or magical figures, Wendy represents the conventional young mother figure who ultimately captures Peter Pan's attention.

Why did Hook hate Peter? ›

So, why exactly do Peter Pan and Captain Hook hate each other so much? Well, in most cases the story is usually portrayed as being pretty simple. Peter cuts off the pirate captain's hand in a duel (the hand is typically then consumed by a crocodile) and Hook…well… let's just say he isn't thrilled with Peter afterward!

Why does Hook hate clocks? ›

However, the crocodile also swallowed an alarm clock at some point, and its constant ticking acts as something of a warning for the ever-fearful Hook.

Are there girls in the Lost Boys? ›

Some have criticized the decision to include girls among the Lost Boys, but Lowery isn't too concerned about their frustration. Check out his quote below, via CBR: "Movies should be for everybody, and it doesn't change the movie at all. It's the same story everyone grew up with.

Do the Lost Boys have names? ›

The Lost Boys are led by Peter Pan. They are always happy and never grow up. They are: Slightly, Nibs, The Twins, Cubby and Tootles.

Who is the little boy in the Lost Boys? ›

Chance Michael Corbitt played Laddie in The Lost Boys.

How did the Lost Boys get to never Neverland? ›

The Lost Boys are a tribe of "children who fall out of their prams when the nurse is not looking;" having not been claimed by humans in seven days, they were collected by the fairies and flown to the Neverland.

What is the true dark story of Peter Pan? ›

Peter Pan was Inspired By Real-Life Events

Barrie's early years were marked by tragedy when he lost an older brother and two infant siblings. Later, as an adult, Barrie would befriend the Davies family, and the seeds for Peter Pan would be sown.

Why does Peter Pan never grow up? ›

Peter's archetypal quality is his unending youth. In Peter and Wendy, it is explained that Peter must forget his own adventures and what he learns about the world in order to stay childlike. Peter has an effect on the whole of Neverland and its inhabitants when he is there.

What is the symbolism in Peter Pan? ›

Peter Pan is often seen as a symbol of eternal youth and the desire to never grow up. In the story, Peter Pan is a boy who refuses to grow older and insists on remaining a child forever.

What are the Lost Boys in Disney's Peter Pan? ›

In the novel, Barrie explains that the Lost Boys are boys who fell out of their prams while their nannies are looking the other way, in places such as Kensington Gardens. After going unclaimed for seven days, they are whisked off to Neverland, where they live with Peter Pan.

What is the deeper meaning behind Peter Pan? ›

In the play and book, Peter symbolises the selfishness of childhood, and is portrayed as being forgetful and self-centred. Peter has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly co*cky when it comes to putting himself in danger.

Why are the boys in Peter Pan called Lost Boys? ›

In the original novel, the Lost Boys are boys "who fall out of their prams when the nurse isn't looking and if they are not found in a week, they are sent far away to Neverland," where Peter Pan is their captain, and the reason why the Lost Boys only have boys and have no girls is because as Peter explains, girls, ...

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