Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (2024)

Rumours of internet personality Belle Delphine’s death have been greatly exaggerated, as the controversial star announced her return with an NSFW music video.

Delphine, who captivated the internet when she began selling her bathwater to strangers online and her risque photoshoot starring her octopus “best friend”, also revealed she had set up new social media accounts: including a new Onlyfans page.

The enigmatic star has seen her accounts suspended frequently and even after announcing a brand new Instagram handle @kittybelledelphine yesterday, it already appears to have been removed from the platform.

Delphine, who describes herself as a “gamer also a tax payer” in her new song, also touched on many of her criticisms and controversies about her headline-making trolls over the years.

They include her claim last year that she had been arrested after vandalising the car of an alleged hamster thief and a prank in which she trolled fans into believing she would be sharing NSFW content on p*rnhub. (She instead shared videos of herself eating pictures of famous internet stars such as Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg and playing with her cat.)

For more on who Belle Delphine and why people are obsessed with her return, read on:

Who is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (1)

(Twitter / @bunnydelphine)

Twitter / @belledelphine

Belle Delphine is a famous Internet personality, who works as an adult model, gaming streamer and influencer online. While initially she had a booming Instagram platform, both it and her backup accounts have been suspended from the platform for reportedly violating Internet guidelines.

Describing herself a girl who “pretends to be a cat” on Twitter, she is well known for her bright pink hair, cat ears, branding as a gamer-girl and her cosplay-style shoots. She makes money by selling subscriptions to a NSFW Snapchat, a new Onlyfans and a Patreon with different monthly subscription tiers with varying rewards.

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Twitter / @bunnydelphine

Her Patreon offerings include a $1 Bronze tier (which gets you a “little thank you”) to a $1,000 per month King tier, which includes a custom-photo set, access to her private Snapchat, a monthly “very lewd polaroid” signed with a kiss, access to her HD photosets, her selfies and behind the scenes of her photo shoots.

Her most expensive tier however is the $2,500 God tier, which “gives you access to absolutely everything else written below [in other tiers] and more.”

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She also has a YouTube channel, where she has shared three videos with millions of views: a make-up tutorial, room tour into her “kawaii forest” and another controversial day in her life with her “best friend” - a dead octopus that she stuck googly eyes on.

Delphine additionally revealed on her new OnlyFans page that she had a “loaaaddd more photos” to come and thanked her fans for the “warm welcome”, adding that she was a “total onlyfans newbie.”

What was the Belle Delphine p*rnhub controversy?

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Twitter / @bunnydelphine

Belle Delphine’s p*rnhub prank was her first major controversy, in which the cosplayer teased that she would “actually make a p*rnhub account” if a picture she had posted to Instagram garnered 1 million likes. Of course, the Internet delivered and blew past her target - so Belle Delphine stuck to her word and set up an account with twelve videos on it.

Although the videos had X-rated titles, they turned out to be an elaborate prank, as Delphine ate a photo of YouTuber PewDiePie on camera and played with her cat.

Did Belle Delphine sell her bath water?

Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (4)

(Twitter / @bunnydelphine)


On July 3, Belle Delphine announced that she had launched a new product: GamerGirl Bath Water. Sharing the news on Instagram and her other social media, she shared images of herself sitting in a bath and posing with a glass jar of water that included a branded cap.

The website also included a disclaimer that the “water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

"This is what humanity has come to". When asked by Metro why she had decided to sell the unusual product, she explained, "So, there is a joke in the community among gamers where they will comment on a post saying 'let me drink your bath water'."

Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (5)

Twitter / @bunnydelphine

"And although it’s a joke I just kind of found the idea of turning it into a reality and actually letting people own my bath water funny," she finished.

The product quickly went viral online, sparking a wave of memes. Delphine announced on the same day that the bath water had sold out.

One video of a YouTuber allegedly smoking her bath water using a vape also went viral, however he later revealed that it was a joke.

She said on Twitter, “so my bath water actually sold out wtf? I didn't expect to sell so many or to have THIS many baths either.”

She also assured buyers not to be worried if the deliveries were late, as she said she was “working on getting them to you as fast as I can!”

After that, a doctored screengrab of a newspaper article claiming that “Over 50 People Have Reportedly Contracted Herpes After Drinking Instagram Star Belle Delphine’s Bath Water” was widely circulated online.

Delphine addressed the controversy in a statement:

“Nobody has been hospitalised from my bath water, or have gotten sick. All of those memes were posted before I even shipped any out...not everything you read online is real, personally I find the memes funny but I thought it’s important for me to address this since there are people who actually believe I hospitalised multiple people.”

She added, “But all of the memes made about this whole bathwater thing have been so fun, 10/10.”

Was Belle Delphine arrested?

On Monday, Belle Delphine posted a photo of herself to Twitter captioned simply, “I got arrested lol.”

In the photo, which was watermarked Metropolitan Police, Delphine posed for a mugshot with smeared mascara and a bright orange shirt.

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A photo Delphine shared of her hamster

Twitter / @bunnydelphine

After posting the tweet, the story quickly blew up and she revealed what had allegedly happened the day after. Sharing a series of pictures, she said on Twitter, “I [swear to god] this girl came to my party and stole my hamster.”

Saying she had “no idea why”, she revealed, “I spray painted the f*** out of her car and got arrested, at least I got my hamster back. b**ch.”

Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (7)

A censored photo of the car Delphine claims she spray painted

Twitter / @bunnydelphine

Belle Delphine’s accompanying photos show a text message exchange between herself and the alleged hamster thief, in which the personality is seen confronting them and asking “have you taken [my hamster]?”

After the reported thief claimed that they didn’t take the hamster, Belle Delphine then sent a screenshot of another message chain supposedly between the reported thief and one of the personality’s friends; which show the thief confirming she had taken it because “it would be jokes”.

Other photos show the reported aftermath, which show somebody (presumably Delphine) defacing a car with the words “Give me my HAMSTER BACK!”

They also included an artistic rendering of the controversial Pepe the Frog meme, wearing a clown wig, red nose and holding up a gun. She also shared a photo of her stolen hamster.

Belle Delphine: The influencer who sold her own bath water (2024)
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